Service versus Cost

What to consider when choosing a waste solutions provider

When working with suppliers it seems inevitable that you have to decide whether to go with a provider that offers great service, or one that’s low cost.

What about in waste management?

How should a business decide what is best for them?

Here are some tough questions the team at Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions would recommend you think about when you are searching the market for a great Waste Management solution.

I already have a waste management provider, what is it that you do differently?

Whereas a waste management provider profits from the movement and handling of waste, Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions look at all aspects of minimising costs. We don’t just look at the recycling possibilities or minimal disposal cost, we also consider the way waste is handled on a customer’s site and the use of labour. Our multi-skilled team have many years of experience and knowledge providing solutions. They can advise on any need, from service management to general sales.

I’m not really bothered about good service, I just want the job done with minimum involvement.
Why should I pick Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions?

We totally agree with this, one of our statements is “We pick up your rubbish so you don’t have to lift a finger. Full service.” In fact for us, often the sign of good quality and good service back up is that the customer never has to hear from us again. Since we leave you with a job well done, we find that we do get repeat customers over the years as they love the fact we go in, do the work and exit the site leaving it spotless.

When you choose Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions, just one phone call and we will handle it all. With a wealth of experience, our operators are Safe Contractor approved and Quantum AS4801 and ISO14001 certified. As we like to work with you to make sure the job is correctly quoted and planed. We can handle your job from enquiry to completion hassle-free. Not only that, we utilise the most up-to-date computer systems to make all operators paperwork electronic from worksheet to invoice. That gives us the leading edge so that you will know the job has been undertaken successfully.

I’m only a small company how can you save us money? Or do you only work with larger companies?

Most definitely. Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions are competitively priced and will beat any genuine like for like quote.

It isn’t necessary to take out a contract, you can have your waste managed on an adhoc basis. Or if you wish to go ahead with a contract, then why not spread your payments across the term of the agreement?

All size companies can find costs savings in different ways, it depends on the waste type and the customer’s manual labour involvement.

As we have grown from the ground up, we have also not forgotten our beginnings either. We also look after residential customers, as we remember how hard it was to find a decent service for our needs when we were renovating.


What makes Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions different to other providers in terms of service?

We listen to customers and specialise in minimising labour costs and maximizing the return on profit from recyclables. Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions is able to show productivity improvement on paper and support this with process guarantees.

We have a driven, experienced and dedicated service team who understand the customers’ needs and expectations. With Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions the customer always comes first.

One main theme we get commented on from our customers at Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions is that they like the fact that we take customer service very seriously. They like the fact that we look to minimise our customers costs through improving productivity and reducing the costs associated with waste handling, so that customers get the best of both worlds.

Through our experience in the industry we have managed to set up a business model that means our clients don’t have to choose between good service and low costs. Truly you really can have it all!

The Jess and Liane’s Waste Solutions business model has all the components needed to provide quality services at prices that allow customers to get the job done.