Melbourne area council residents and businesses are being called on to help fight fly-tipping by looking for signs that their waste collectors may be unlicensed. The call for vigilance was made by various Melbourne area councils following a number of fly-tipping incidents in recent weeks that were traced to collection companies dumping waste on the side of the road and on private land.

Unlicensed companies are believed to be offering cut-rate waste collection services that residents are being warned is more than likely too good to be true. The team at Safer Communities said: “There are a number of unscrupulous organizations currently operating in various Melbourne council areas who claim to be legitimate waste removal companies but are simply taking people’s money and then just dumping the waste. “We are urging people to be extremely vigilant when looking to use the services of a waste company and to do all they can to make sure they are using a legitimate service. “Warning signs that the company may not be licensed include the company not having the right paperwork, providing only a mobile contact telephone number or providing a quote for removing the waste that is much, much cheaper than any other. “Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” To check if your waste is being handled properly the council suggest you can ask the waste solutions or rubbish removal company to provide information on how they correctly dispose of your waste.

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